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Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentation is a very powerful tool to display your products and services. With the aid of appealing visuals, creative 2D/3D animations, lucid graphics, effective narration, pleasing music, comprehensive text, catchy captions etc. it convincingly promotes your business in a manner that the prospective clients are impressed and tempted to make a deal with you. Hence, multimedia presentations are widely used in exhibitions.

Types of Multimedia Presentations
Interactive (Navigable)
These presentations have a navigation structure and the viewer can choose the topics she wants to go through by clicking and choosing. They require active interaction from the user. All the elements of Multimedia like sound or Animation are effectively utilized to make the transfer of message clearer. This type of presentation is suited to be handed over to a prospective customer or to be distributed at a seminar or trade show. These can also be used for in house, simulated, hands on training.
A self-running multimedia presentation is like a sales demo that can be shown to a group of people. It does not require any navigation techniques and runs continuously. Content-wise it is similar to the Interactive Presentation.
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